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  KVS Library Policy Checklist

LIBRARY CHARTER Every Kendriya Vidyalaya will have a library.

The objectives of the library is to:

Be the knowledge hub of the school and disseminate knowledge as widely as possible.

Facilitate creation of new knowledge.

Facilitate optimal use of knowledge by all staff and students.

Ensure easy access to the facilities available to all staff and students.

Encourage and foster reading habit among staff and students.

Effectively participate in the teaching-learning programmes of the school. In order to achieve these objectives the library will undertake to:-

Serve as the center of information for the Vidyalaya and provide easy access to national and global knowledge to all staff and students.

Offer an inviting and attractive physical space with proper seating arrangements and other amenities.

Ensure that staff and students are treated with courtesy and offered all assistance in their pursuit of knowledge.

Offer proactive services to all users.

Optimize its potential to provide access to information and knowledge to all by proper display, categorization & classification of resource materials.

Help all the users to develop the skills to make optimum use of all the facilities.

Undertake activities to foster an interest in books and increase involvement in the library.

Improve the collection and services on a continuing basis in consultation with use stakeholders.

Workout a progamme in consultation with teachers for the effective use of all types of library materials.

To work effectively and efficiently by undertaking every activity in a professional manner

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